Life is better in a group...

At Elim we have a diverse range of groups that connect people from every age and stage. With different features of focus and function, all our Life Groups are places where people connect relationally and grow as whole hearted followers of Christ, active in mission.

We have groups for youth, groups for young adults, groups for the not so young adults. We have groups for men, groups for women, groups for singles and groups for couples and families.

Elim Life Groups mostly fit into 5 categories:

Classic Life Groups

Study and discussion groups. Growing together, in engagement with God, in connectedness, and in boldness to reach beyond.

Mission/Ministry Teams

Groups that serve the church and community needs, in sustainable teams with equipped people united toward a clear purpose.

Prayer Huddles

Groups that gather passionate people regularly to agree in prayer toward a specific focus, effecting powerful spiritual impact.

Activity Communities

Groups that facilitate and empower connections, creating a natural pathway for the unchurched to connect with church.

Life Courses

Groups that equip and empower people to live God honouring lives, through quality curriculum and support.